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Nevada Geothermal

Avalon Geothermal is Nevada’s largest regulated geothermal heating utility. Since 1983 the company has served the Warren Estates and Manzanita Estates communities in Reno, providing space heating, swimming pool heat, domestic hot water, and ice melt service to over 100 homes. Avalon is a privately held company and wholly owned subsidiary of Cyrq Energy, a world leader in geothermal energy.

Avalon’s geothermal system in Reno produces hot water at around 204 degrees Fahrenheit out of a single production well. The water is passed through a heat exchanger where clean, municipal water is heated up and circulated to our customers through a network of over 4 miles of piping buried beneath the streets. All of the geothermal water is injected back into the geothermal reservoir through 2 reinjection wells.

In 2023, Avalon executed a lease with the City of Reno to explore developing additional geothermal resources close to South Virginia Street. Avalon is excited to expand our operations and bring geothermal heating to more parts of the city. If you own or operate a building or business on or near South Virginia St. and Moana Lane, feel free to reach out to us anytime for more information on geothermal heating.

System status

Manzanita Estates: System is online

Warren Estates: System is online

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